One Level Living in Loudoun County, VA

A first-floor master. What about three? We had the opportunity to hold open a magnificent home this past weekend with 3 first-floor master suites. Wide open and full of light, the Van Metre Kavanaugh model offers a floor plan that is wide open, easy to not only have privacy, but a great set up for entertaining as well. Main-level master suites are simply more convenient than having to go up and down stairs.  These types of floor plans have become increasingly popular with many home buyers today. If your curiosity is up about a first floor master, visit the link for the active homes around the area with a first floor master.    This listing was in Willowsford, a truly modern rural planned community.  For more information about Willowsford, please refer to

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One Level Living

Hello to our guests!  A focus area for this discussion and hopefully many more is the real estate niche of one level living.

What is one level living?

Simply put is home ownership where the homeowner or other family members prefer to minimize having to go up or down a flight of stairs.   This could mean  a one level home, such as a rambler, or a multi-level home with a main floor master.

Increasingly, senior living neighborhoods focus on models with master bedrooms off of the kitchen or family room.   This blog expects to focus the discussion and knowledge base on neighborhoods, models, builders, trends, and specific properties that offer main level master suites, or simply put – one level living.

Please add your contributions to the knowledge base and ongoing conversation!